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Control of Power Systems 13th International Scientific Conference CPS 2018

About CPS

IPC Chairman

Vojtech Veselý


The main aim of the conference CPS 2016 is to provide a forum to encourage co-operation between the power engineering experts and research and university community; to present and survey the current state and trends in design and realization of control systems for power generation processes and heating systems.

The conference Control of Power Systems had been held since 1994 till 2008 biennially, alternately in Czech and Slovak Republic in co-operation with Tomas Bata University in Zlín, CR. 12th International Conference CPS 2016 is held as a part of the international scientific event POWER ENGINEERING 2016.


The conference scope covers control of production, transmission and consumption of energy, design, diagnostics, implementation, economic and environmental impact of control and information systems used in power engineering.


  1. Application of advanced control methods in power engineering
  2. Information technology in power engineering
  3. Service optimization of energy sources
  4. Control of heat and electric power supplies
  5. Measurement and diagnostics in power engineering
  6. Power generation from non-conventional sources
  7. Operation and control of nuclear power plants
  8. Distribution networks operation – Smart grid systems
  9. Dispatching systems for real time control and monitoring of power systems
  10. Research and development programs in power engineering
  11. Modeling and control of power systems

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June 5 - 7, 2018
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