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Energy - Ecology - Economy 14th International Scientific Conference EEE 2018

About EEE

IPC Chairman

František Janíček


The aim of the conference ENERGY – ECOLOGY – ECONOMY 2018 is to contribute to the discussion between experts in the fields of power engineering, ecology and economy by professional lectures, presentations and discussions on current state of energy management towards further economic and social development. Integral part of the conference is also the focus on creation of concept of the overall energy policy, technical, economical possibilities how to obtain energy sources and how to economically and ecologically use them.


Energy, ecology, and economy have a broad interdisciplinary engagement with the Slovak economy. Balance and equality of those notions and their mutual connections are one of basic conditions of energy safety and sustainable development of society. As energy and gas crisis of January 2009 has shown, the energy, ecology and economy is necessary to understand not only from the view of regional development, but also from broader aspect of European and world region.

Slovakia has minimal reserves of primary energy sources and must account with their import. Other forms of energy are also finite due to natural, ecological, technological and economical limits. Acquisition of these energy sources and their economical use is one of the main tasks of the overall energy policy and of the national prosperity as well as of securitization of energy safety.


  1. Strategy of energy security of Slovak Republic
  2. Legislative tools to secure energy policy in the space of EU and Slovak Republic
  3. Basic rights and responsibilities of The Regulatory Office for Network Industries
  4. Increasing of energy efficiency and reduction of energy consumption
  5. Opportunities in science and research in fulfillment of energy policy of Slovak Republic
  6. Development of nuclear energy industry
  7. Development of Slovak transmission system and distribution networks
  8. Renewable energy sources – impact on power system operation
  9. Economic tools in energy markets
  10. Smart Grid technology and the concept of Smart City





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June 5 - 7, 2018
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